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(Click on the Headlines below to read the restored newspaper articles from Landy's scrapbook)
Scott Again Wins Midget Feature
Burany Sweeps Honors
Melius Sun Prairie Victor After
Ellis' Disqualification
Scott Scoots to Win at
Cedarburg Show
Wally Zale
Easton Wins Midget Race
Scott Cops Slinger Midget Feature
Landy Scott Wins Feature
Ellis Forfeits Race to Miles Melius; Passes Two on Caution
Myron Fohr Quits Midget Races
Miles Melius Takes First in
Midget Race
Midgets Race, Fans Pleased
Scott Wins Feature on Midget Program
Cedarburg Stock Car Feature Race
First Midget Racing Card
at DP Tonight
Scott, Johnson Duel For "B" Title
Big 100 Lap Feature Midget
Auto Race
Harvard Feature Cut Short
by Fog
25 Drivers Entered in
Sun Prairie Race
Vic Ellis Midgets to
Sun Prairie Win
Billy Johnson Badly Hurt in Midget Car Crackup
Scott Flips at Soldier Field
Johnson Captures Midget Feature
Johnson Defeats Field in
Feature at Sun Prairie
Scott Reaches Top of Midget Racing in Year
Miles Melius Repeats in
Sun Prairie Races
Kladis Late Entry for
Midget Races
Landy Scott Wins Midget
Car Race
Melius Chalks up Two
Landy Scott Wins Midget
Auto Race
Landy Scott Scoots to
DePere Victory
George Welch Looking For
a New Driver
Melius Midgets to Sun Prairie
Landy Scott Wins Feature
BMARA to Race at Sun Prairie
Melius the Speediest at
Sun Prairie, Wisc.
Scott Burned in Auto Race
All Profits Go to Dusty Conlin
Miles Melius Midget Master at
Angell Park
Landy Scott Back for Midget Race Saturday
Midget Races in Final Runs
Milius Wins Feature Race at
Scott Spices Stock Car Card
Peters Pushes Racer to First Place
More Sun Prairie Feature on Belt
Scott Wins at Beaver Dam
Peters Victor in Midget Race
Morris Injured in Slinger Race
Spills Feature Midget Races
New Mark Seen at Slinger Track
Wisconsin Notes
Landy Scott Wins
Beaver Dam Race
Midgets to Open at Slinger Track
Norm Nelson Wins Sun Prairie Race
Scott Wins Feature Race
at Sun Prairie
Musick & Turner at Harvard
More...Wisconsin Notes
Scott Grabs Hard Luck Title
50 Lap Final at Sister Lake, Michigan
Osten, Midget Driver, is Killed
at Sun Prairie
Scott Edges Burany in
Special Match Go
Paul Russo Wins Milwaukee Mile
Wisconsin State Fair Park
Scott Sets Midget Mark
at Slinger
Stock Cars Go 150 Laps
at Cedarburg
Russo Scores Racing Victory
Scott 1st in Stock Race
Kelly Peters Ready For
Grind Tonight
Midgets to Race Two More Nights
Landy Scott
Midget Drivers Roll at Slinger
Slinger Driver Cops Midget
Auto Feature
Scott Wins Feature at Cedarburg
Wisconsin Notes
Morris Cops Midget Race
Scott Renamed Head of
Midget Race Group
Johnson's Reign Ends on
Slinger Oval
Cycles, Midget Auto Races
Slated Here
Stock Car Races Thrill Thousands
22 Drivers Enter Sun Prairie
Scott Victor at Cedarburg
Crashes Shorten Darlington Race
50 Lap Auto Race Scheduled
at Slinger
Scott Wins Race at
Richland Center
Don Fisher presents trophies
to Vic Ellis
60 Midget Drivers Compete
for $7,500.00
Scott's Midget Wins Feature
at Baraboo
Landy Scott, 3rd Place in
1952 point standings
First Six Winners of the 1952 High Point Championship
Midget Racer at Final Inspection
Vintage Welch Special Ready
For Sun Prairie
BMARA Annual Dance
Official Program
Midget Auto Races
Hamburger injured at Hanson Park Speedway
Beeler Bar
Top Midget Racers, Tonight
Landy Scott Wins Two
Midget Races
Bettenhausen Leads Field Home
in 50 Lap Milwaukee Race
Vukovich, Sostilio Win Midget
Race Features
Midget Drivers Roll At Slinger
Big Midget Auto Field to Race
at Sun Prairie
Midget Race Wide Open
Chet Morris Killed in Midget
Race Car
Boltd Winner in Stock Car Race
Class-B Show at Wisconsin
State Fair Park
"B" Midget Races Tonight
Car Switching Features Benefit Midget Race; Record Broken
Wisconsin News
Midgets Will Race Tonight
Carter Edges Out Pratt in Midget Race Feature
More...Wisconsin News
Billy Johnson Takes Midget
Auto Feature
Landy Scott Wins Cedarburg
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